Holy Trinity Parish Celebrates 150 years

Founded in 1867, Holy Trinity Parish in Coldwater, Oho, celebrates 150 years of service to their community. The Missionaries of the Precious Blood staffed the parish for 39 years.

Sr. Martha Bertke, C.PP.S.

Did you ever have an idea that began as a seed and grew into a vision? That is what happened when three Catholic families sought permission to start a new parish and to build a church in Coldwater, Ohio. From this tiny seed, Holy Trinity Parish was born in 1867.

Missionaries of the Precious Blood served as pastors at Holy Trinity from 1867 to 1906, 39 years. In 1906, the leadership and responsibility for the parish were given to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Precious Blood priests who live at St. Charles continue to assist at Holy Trinity when requested.

Sisters of the Precious Blood began the Catholic grade school at the parish in 1913, and it continued for 22 years. In 1935, it became Coldwater Public School. However, C.PP.S. sisters have served the parish from 1913 until the present day, or for 104 years.

The parish is celebrating its 150th anniversary throughout the year with many activities. The entire Coldwater community was invited to a free meal on May 31 held under tents in the church parking lot. Before the event, parishioners went door-to-door, neighbor-to-neighbor, to hand out personal invitations. Over 2,000 people were served a chicken dinner.

Archbishop Dennis Schnurr of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati presided at an anniversary Mass on June 18. Fr. Larry Hemmelgarn, C.PP.S., provincial director of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, and other C.PP.S. priests were present. A number of C.PP.S. sisters also attended.

From a seed that was planted, the faith of many people was developed, nurtured and continues to grow. During these 150 years, numerous people came to believe in Jesus Christ, prayed together as a community, celebrated the sacraments, were educated in the faith, reached out to others, and live as true disciples of Christ in our world.

Thank you Holy Trinity Parish for your ministry to the community?

Top right: Fr. Henry Drees, C.PP.S., pastor of Holy Trinity from 1866 - 1880.
Bottom left: Fr. George Hindelang, C.PP.S., pastor of Holy Trinity from 1894 - 1897.