People Seek Him Out

For Fr. Angelmiro Granados, C.PP.S., it’s not difficult to pass along the Father’s mercy, because says he has felt God’s mercy in many ways throughout his life. Because of that, he feels compelled to pass it along to others, in many ways.

Fr. Granados’ days are full as he ministers to people of all ages. He is a chaplain of a Catholic school in Bogotá, Colombia. He is also the director of initial formation for C.PP.S. seminarians in the mission ad experimentum in Colombia. He works with the lay associates there and has presented retreats for them. He also helps with ministry at the parish in Bogotá, Our Lady of the Alps.

Fr. Granados is also on the team at the mission’s new center for reconciliation in Bogotá, where Missionaries share Precious Blood spirituality with anyone who walks through the door. Sometimes those are groups who have scheduled a retreat or workshop. Other times, it is individuals who come to the center in search of healing, often through the sacrament of reconciliation.

“In Colombia, it’s not always easy to find a priest who is willing to spend time hearing confessions, who is available to them,” Fr. Granados said. “Or a place for someone who is looking for spiritual accompaniment. The center for reconciliation has become that place for a lot of people. It has opened up a lot of space for people looking for that.”

Among the people who seek out Fr. Granados at the center are alumni and parents of students at the school where he has ministered for many years. Alumni and their parents want to maintain a connection with him and with Precious Blood spirituality.

He also seeks out ways to share the message with a broader audience. Fr. Granados makes frequent appearances on a television show on evangelism that is broadcast out of Bogotá. He shares Precious Blood spirituality when he leads retreats or speaks to groups.

The key to his ministry, he said, is to pass along that which he has received.

“First, I see the need to live out the Father’s mercy in my own life. And then I try to transmit that in my work with others: in my homilies, when I lead retreats, and in my ministry of accompanying people at our center for reconciliation,” he said.

“Working at the center has been a good experience for me. People arrive there, they experience what we have to offer, and then they invite others. Other people are coming to the center because they’ve heard about the experiences of those who have been listened to and accompanied by someone who wishes to help them on their life journey.”

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